What Are The Pros And Cons Of Spending Less Than $1,000 On A Mattress?

The acquisition of a brand-new mattress might represent a considerable financial commitment. Here is a summary of the benefits and drawbacks of affordable mattresses, intending to assist you in making the best choice possible while searching for a new bed. The price range covered by this article is less than one thousand dollars.


  • Save you money that may be spent towards other critical products necessary to furnish a room, such as linens, pillows, nightstands, bedding accessories, and more.
  • Newlyweds, people moving to a new place for the first time, college graduates, and other people in transition who are shopping on a budget may find them to be a good fit because they are suitable for sleeping accommodations that are only temporary or lightly used, such as college dorm rooms and guest bedrooms.
  • Many mattresses available for less than $1,000 differ in design, size, firmness, materials, business shipping, return policies, and other aspects. This means that even with a restricted budget, it is probable that you will be able to find a mattress that meets your needs.
  • On shopping holidays such as Black Friday and Presidents Day, inexpensive mattresses may be purchased at an even lower price. Sometimes, they are sold in packages and other bedding items.


  • Although many mattresses available for less than $1,000 are of pretty excellent quality, it is still typically true that the price of a mattress is associated with the quality of the mattress. Mattresses that are the greatest in comfort, durability, and overall quality are not always the least costly ones available on the market.
  • There is a possibility that low-cost mattresses, such as those offered on Amazon and by the companies listed above, are not very durable and will fall apart after just a few short years.
  • When shopping in lower price ranges, you can discover that firms offer less flexible rules regarding shipping, returns, warranties, and delivery. This is especially true for online retailers.

Other Considerations


A comprehensive guide is necessary to provide a full look into firmness; nevertheless, we must cover the fundamentals first. The mattresses sold at discount stores may vary from soft to firm. Your body size and the posture in which you sleep will, in general, directly correlate with the amount of firmness most comfortable for you. For instance, side sleepers of average weight who suffer pressure in their shoulders and hips tend to perform better on a medium-firm or soft king size mattress in a box. This is because these types of mattresses give contouring in the proper regions while also keeping the spine straight.

Sleep Trial and Other Policies

It may take your body up to a month before it adjusts to the sensation of sleeping on a new mattress. The vast majority of the most reputable online mattress retailers provide “sleep trials” of at least 30 nights (the majority offer 100 or more). During this time, customers can return their purchase and receive a complete refund if they are unsatisfied. Considerations such as sales, sales policy, shipping alternatives, and warranty are also highly recommended by our team.

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