Top Ways to Make Mattress Last Longer


Care and maintenance, including cleaning and prevention, may significantly extend your mattress’s life. If you’ve spent good money on a high-quality mattress, you probably want to get your money’s worth for many years. Depending on how well you take care of it, your mattress can have a useful life of somewhere from five to a decade.

Keeping your mattress clean and healthy and giving restful sleep for as long as possible depends on your awareness of environmental elements and your knowledge of the best techniques to care for a bed. In this article we will discuss about what is the best mattress for side sleepers.

Make Sure the Mattress is Supported Properly

You shouldn’t always have to buy a new mattress with a matching box spring or foundation, but you should always make sure your mattress has the proper support. This aids in preserving fabrics and avoiding premature wear. You should contact the maker or read the guarantee if you want suggestions. Only spring mattresses, not memory foam or other specialist mattresses, need the gentle, flexible support that box springs provide.

Use of Mattress Protector

One of the finest and simplest methods to prolong the life of your bed is to use a protector, the merits of which we have already discussed.

A high-quality mattress protector will prevent mishaps from ruining your bed by acting as a waterproof barrier, and it will also keep dirt, dust, and debris from settling into your mattress.

Washing Regularly Bed Linens

The body naturally cleanses itself as you sleep, shedding dead skin, sweat, oils, hair, and cells. Crumbs from breakfast in bed and cat fur are just two examples of what might be tracked into the bedroom. All of this, aside from being gross, can penetrate a mattress’s layers, where it can foster the growth of germs and dust mites.

Purchase Cozy Mattress for your Dogs

If we’re talking about things that shouldn’t be in bed with us, dogs shouldn’t be allowed to sleep in ours.

Even the cleanest of pets still go outside, slobber, and lose hair and tissue just as people do, and all of it eventually finds its way into your bed. The rare spill from a pet may also completely damage an otherwise excellent mattress.

Regularly Rotate the Mattress

Regular mattress rotation is beneficial for mattresses of all sizes and materials. Rip your mattress from head to foot twice a month to twice a year. Doing this for the first several years while you break in the mattress is crucial.

Do not Leap upon the Bed

Your mom was right when she urged you to stay off bed. While spring, water, and air mattresses may be the most fragile, foundations, frames, and foams will all deteriorate faster with heavy use.

Move your Mattress with Caution

Moving may be stressful for your mattress, so it’s best to protect it by covering it in plastic and without bending or folding it. Heavy-duty mattress bags sealed with tape are available at most moving and box stores to protect your bed from dust, water, and scratches.

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